DESCRIPTION OF WORK:  This project is to be completed by Roy Water Conservancy District in conjunction with a UDOT freeway expansion project.  The scope of the project consists of replacing two existing secondary water trunk lines under I-15.  The work will include the removal of approximately 200 l.f. of 30-inch diameter CCP along with a 48-inch concrete casing; removal of approximately 200 l.f. of 48-inch CCP along with a 66-inch diameter steel casing; installation of approximately 200 l.f. of 36" IPS DR 13.5 HDPE pipe along with a 48-inch steel casing; installation of approximately 200 l.f. of 54-inch IPS DR 21 HDPE pipe along with a 66-inch steel casing.  The work will also include the installation of spacers, end seals, connections to existing CCP lines, excavation, backfill, compaction and compaction testing, and all other related work to install the secondary trunk lines complete.

LOCATION OF WORK:  The work is located along I-15, between mileposts 338.6 and 339 northwest of the Roy Water Conservancy District offices, 5440 South Freeway Park Drive in Riverdale, Utah.

OBTAINING STATEMENT OF QUALIFICATIONS FORMS:  Statement of Qualification forms may be obtained online HERE or at the aforementioned office of Roy Water Conservancy District.

PROJECT SCHEDULEThe project is scheduled for bid in the spring of 2019.  The Contractor must plan to begin work in October 2019.  Only bids from qualified bidders will be considered.  Following the receipt of the completed Statement of Qualifications forms, each of the submitted forms will be evaluated and scored according to the criteria set forth in the Statement of Qualifications form.  Qualified contractors will be notified in writing and provided with additional bid information.

PROJECT ADMINISTRATION:  All questions relative to this project prior to submittal of the Statement of Qualifications forms shall be directed to Brad C. Jensen, P.E., Wasatch Civil Consulting Engineering, Project Manager, (801) 775-9191.