We are grateful for the conservation efforts of those who have cut back on water usage during the 2021 water season!  The drought this year is unlike anything we have ever experienced, and we are hoping for a lot of snow in the mountains this winter so we don’t have to experience it again.  If water supply conditions do not improve, more limitations and restrictions may be put in place for the 2022 water season.

The date of September 20th is based on current water usage.  If water usage increases, the water will be turned off earlier as our supply will be diminished.  As temperatures begin to drop, please adjust your watering schedule accordingly.  Your landscape should need no more than one or two irrigations per week as it cools down.

We will not be issuing Watering Permits for 2021 due to extreme drought conditions. Please delay installation of landscape projects until water conditions improve.

Drought Condition Articles: