Secondary water will be turned off October 1, 2022

We are planning on turning off secondary water on October 1, 2022. Because it can take a day or two to drain the system, you could possibly have water through the weekend. Thanks to those who took water conservation and the drought seriously this year!

We will begin filling secondary water lines on May 2, 2022.  Make sure your main valve is CLOSED before this date.  Please note that the area east of the railroad tracks will not be fully pressurized until all repairs are made throughout the entire system.  This can take from one week to one month, depending on the severity of mainline breaks over the winter months. No watering between 10 am and 6 pm. Water no more than ONCE per week until Memorial Day. Water no more than TWICE per week from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Water no more than ONCE per week from Labor Day until water is turned off. One watering is equal to up to 20 minutes per station for fixed sprinkler heads, and up to 40 minutes per station for rotary sprinkler heads.  Drip system irrigation is also limited to once or twice per week as indicated. Watering frequency & length applies to ALL landscape, such as lawn, gardens, trees, etc., and is dependent on weather.  Do not water during or immediately after a rainstorm or during windy conditions. The installation of sod, seed, or any landscape requiring additional water is strongly discouraged.


Weber Basin Water Conservancy District offers rebates to all residents living in Davis, Weber, Morgan, and Summit counties.  There are specific requirements for each rebate offered.  Smart controller rebates are 50% of the cost of a smart controller up to a maximum of $150.  Weber Basin offers these rebates through the Utah Water Savers program.

Click HERE to go to the application for your rebate.